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Do you ever feel anxious when you get a wave of new subscribers?
... are you worried that two weeks later, they're still not getting anything from you beyond a “thank-you” email (IF that)?

It's kind of embarrassing don't you think?! 

It's like the two of you went on one date, he promised to call, but he didn't actually follow through for 3 weeks...


Are you going to go out with him again?

Probably not.

If this is happening to you (lack of emailing, not lack of dating follow-through) you’re not alone.

Most people who use email marketing in their businesses simply aren't doing it right. You need to send out regular emails that provide consistent value so your subscribers remain engaged, excited and HAPPY to receive your emails.

This is UBER important when you want to create a successful business (and I know you do!) because engaged, happy email subscribers frequently turn into loyal fans and paying customers.

BUT here's the thing...
You're a busy bee. You have a hundred different things to do in your business. Who has time to sit and write email after email after email (with no end in sight)?

This is why we usually end up dropping the ball and leaving our poor subscribers in "radio silence" with no emails for weeks - and I'm going to say it - MONTHS at a time!

I've felt this frustration too. It got to the point where I was DONE with sending broadcast emails to people who had probably forgotten who I was.

(Yes, I told you I've been there!)

If you've been facing these frustrations, then listen up as what I'm about to share with you is a total game-changer...

I’m going to show you the painless way to consistently connect with your email subscribers and put an END to leaving them in the dark, so you can build real relationships and create an engaged tribe of fans and customers.

And trust me, I know exactly what I'm talking about... because I've been there, done that (and gotten the proverbial postcard) 
If You’re Struggling With Engaging Your Email Subscribers and You Want to Send Out High Quality Emails Without Missing a Beat,
You've Got To Read This...
A compelling email follow up sequence is one of my most important business tools and will fast become the “secret weapon” in your arsenal.

This sequence works while you sleep and provides your subscribers with the best of your expertise, and most of all...

Ensures that they're primed and ready for when you have an offer that will HELP THEM so you can easily INCREASE YOUR sales.

Once I implemented my series, it was honestly the END of my frustration and anxiety with email marketing.

Now, every time I gain a new subscriber from my website or social media, I have peace of mind. I love the feeling of KNOWING they're being taken care of...

I know that my emails are helping to build trust, showcasing my personality and expertise and adding value. These are all vital aspects towards building a strong connection with email subscribers so they understand you, and can clearly see how you can help them.
And Now I’d Like You To Have My Own Email Follow-up Sequence So YOU Can Enjoy This Peace Of Mind, Too!
Once I saw the results these emails were getting (including how much they began to boost my email list engagement and even sell products!), I knew my community of high achieving, go-getters or - as I like to call them It Girls - would benefit from this too (and yes, that's you!)

And when you see how easy and straightforward these emails are, you'll wonder why they weren't in place in your business sooner...

I call this email sequence Email Kickoff. It's a plug-in-and-play set of email templates I designed to quickly, easily, and consistently boost your email list engagement, brand value and sales!
By implementing Email Kickoff, within just days of launching your first few emails, you’ll be enjoying:
  • High-quality engagement from your email list (I've received countless “thank you” notes from many of the emails I've sent out and I include the templates inside this program)
  • Peace of mind (finally!) when it comes to whether or not every subscriber in your list is being fully taken care of
  • A primed audience for your next product launch, service offering, or sales promotion
Take a Look At Everything You Get!
When you claim your copy of Email Kickoff, you’ll receive a complete A-Z solution for automating your Welcome Emails.

You can even combine your Email Kickoff series with new lead magnets, webinars, or video programs you create in the future. You'll be sharing what's called “evergreen” content - that's stuff that is valuable no matter when you send it out.
  • You’ll learn important marketing skills including:
  • How to write high-engagement emails (even if you think you can't write to save your life!) so you can continue to use these principles in future email broadcasts, programs, and even sales pages.
  • The appropriate coaching & online marketing language you should be using in your emails to build your authority and have ideal clients knocking down your door
I've designed each template in Email Kickoff to accomplish a specific task relevant to your business.

With every step in the sequence, your subscribers are drawn into your brand, familiarized with your area of expertise, and introduced to your content and products.
Here's the strategy I've used time and time again for the Email Kickoff sequence:
1. Welcome Email:
This is the first (and most important) email that goes out to new subscribers. It's designed to introduce you to the reader, deliver promised content, and set the stage so they'll start to look forward to (+ open and read) future emails from you.
2. Character Development:
Now that you've introduced yourself to your new subscriber, it's time to develop your brand so when they think of your industry, yours is the first and ONLY name that enters their minds. This is what the Character Development email is all about. 

It's designed to tell your story and help your subscribers relate to you in powerful and personal ways as you start establishing your expertise and building an authentic relationship with them.
3. Building Trust:
You're well on your way to building trust with your new subscriber, but there are some important trust-based triggers to address in this email. We'll introduce a little vulnerability and some more details in your story so you can truly connect with your readers.
4. Entertain & Offer:
It's safe to say that by the time your subscriber gets this email, they're familiar with you, they understand your area of expertise, and they like what you have to offer. So we're now going to switch gears a bit and talk business (they did opt in for a reason, after all!).
You'll provide an entertaining discussion followed by a compelling and light call to action with a special offer for them.
5. Delight:
Who doesn't like to be surprised and delighted?
This email follows the offer in the previous message, offsetting any pressure to buy from you that may have built up (it's important to do that!). In this email, the goal is to continue to build a real relationship with your subscribers so they know, love and trust you.
6. Social Proof:
Social proof is a well-established psychological trigger that boosts likeability and trust.
This is essentially an opportunity to share past success stories, testimonials, and media exposure that will back up the authority that you've established in your emails, so far.
7. Humble Offer & Bonus:
Now that you've deepened the relationship with some surprise, delight, and social proof, you can count on your subscribers to understand what you're best at and trust that you can follow through on your promises.
It's time to approach them with your primary offer in a super-authentic way - that's what the Humble Offer & Bonus is all about.
What People are Saying About Email Kickoff:
You Can Take This Framework And Write Your Own Emails Right Now. OR You Can Use MINE, Which Have Already Been Proven, Templated, And Prepped For You to Implement.
There's no drawback to using the principles I've shared above to write your own high-engagement email sequence. But just a little word of warning - if you do that, you'll more than likely need to spend tens of hours of writing, testing, and tweaking that led to the ones I include in Email Kickoff.

I don't know about you, but the value of hundreds of hours of my time costs more than what I'm offering Email Kickoff to you for.

The beauty of investing in Email Kickoff, is the lifetime updates as new emails are added to the program. I've also included not just one but 3 additional bonuses for you if you decide to take action and invest in Email Kickoff now...
Limited Time Bonus #1:
10 Catchy Subject Lines
One critical part of sending high-engagement emails is writing exciting subject lines that cause people to open and read your emails.
There's a bit of an art to writing subject lines, and the best way to learn is through practice and experimentation (and a steady eye on your open rates)! To help you get started on that path, I'm including, as a limited-time bonus in Email Kickoff, a brand-new 10 Catchy Subject Lines module.

This is a copy-and-paste resource that will instantly boost your email performance across future campaigns you send to your list. It's easy and can have a massive multiplier effect on your business.
Limited Time Bonus #2:
10 Smooth Ways To Sign Off An Email
Have you ever reached the end of writing an email broadcast and thought, "how should I say...bye?"
In fact, writing your "sign-off" can be one of the toughest parts of writing an email! Think about it: it's one of the last things people read from you, and if you handle it gracefully, you can create a unique and memorable signature "close" to every message you send.
As a complimentary bonus in Email Kickoff, I'm including an additional module that provides you with 10 Smooth Ways To Sign Off An Email.
You can use these as copy-and-paste signatures OR you can customize them to your heart's content! Either way, you'll have a professional, yet personal sign off to all of your emails going forward.
Limited Time Bonus #3:
10 Of My
P.S. Lines
I love a great P.S. line - especially when the content in the P.S. is just as exciting (if not more...) than the body of the email itself!
Here's the thing, though...
P.S. lines are tough to nail. They have to be fresh yet relevant when compared to the content of the email itself.
If I were to write you an email about how to design a great landing page, and then my P.S. line included a random fact about how boats are made, you'd think, "Why did she tell me that??"
There's a subtle and powerful way to write great P.S. lines. If you nail it, you can tell entire stories across multiple emails, all in the P.S. line - and it does wonders to your open rates.
Included as a BONUS in Email Kickoff is a module of 10 Of My Favorite P.S. Lines, and it's going to be open and available for you to use as soon as you register for Email Kickoff. Combining the emails in this program with some of these P.S. lines will make your emails personal and unstoppable!
It's a Steal AND You're Covered By a 100% Moneyback Guarantee!
Quick quiz question: what's at the heart of every successful business? 

Answer: happy clients and customers :) 

A truly great email sequence has the power to create a growing tribe of ideal customers who love you and everything you offer (and it can also create thousands and thousands of dollars in income!)

The Email Kickoff sequence will help you forge honest, lasting relationships with your email subscribers so when the time comes for you to make your offers, they will be MORE than happy to become your loyal customers! 

Plus you'll save countless hours of your precious time and a ton energy (no more staring at that blinking cursor on a blank page!)

Email Kickoff is normally priced at $100 but for a limited time you can have it for just $25 :)

And don't forget there's a NO RISK moneyback guarantee! 

Try Email Kickoff for the next 7 days, and see for yourself if it really can put an end to your engagement, email automation & follow-up headaches.

If you decide at any time in those first 7 days that it isn’t doing what I say it will, let me know, and I’ll refund your money (all of those dollars will be coming back to you)...

(And I’ll let you keep the bonuses as a gift too.)
YES, I Want To Build Better
Relationships With Every One
Of My Email Subscribers!
(And stop stressing that I'm not emailing my list regularly)
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